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The "Shedding light" project was born in 2013 from the idea of photographing my employer's products. At the beginning there was no clear idea what the end result would be. When an archive of photos was available after two years, ideas were generated in creative meetings.  The idea of producing a book was born quickly. To illustrate this only with pictures of process plants did not correspond to our conceptions. We searched for areas of tension. What could be a good approach? That's how the idea was born to make a reference to my landscape photographs and to find out whether there are parallels such as surfaces, shapes, structures, etc.

The result was a book with 28 pairs of landscape photographs, which show such fields of tension between nature and technology.

The image pairs in the book are sorted from light to dark. This is based on test strips which are used in analog laboratories to determine the correct exposure time. 


In addition to the pictures, the book is supplemented by texts which all refer to light and shadow.


Many thanks to Bioengineering AG for the realization of this great project.

(Tubes - backcover image of 'Shedding Light')



Photography: Paolo Sarti


Design: BOB Design Ltd, London


Text: Kieran O'Connor




Copyright: DreiPunktVerlag, CH-8636 Wald


All rights reserved / Books available at:

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